SwitchBlaze – Puzzle-tastic IOS game


The addictive high speed IOS puzzle game by Buzz Interactive!

Hey guys, so following my first review of Gunplay (Check it out here) I was contacted by Buzz Interactive, who are based in the beautiful land of Cornwall, close to home for myself. They have developed an IOS puzzle game called SwitchBlaze which I thought I would have a play around with on behalf of all you dedicated Apple users out there.

SwitchBlaze is a simplistic, fast-paced puzzle game in which the player must transfer blocks from one side to the other to match up lines of the appropriate colours, clear the coloured blocks and score points accordingly.

Now my first impression of SwitchBlaze was ‘this is just another puzzle game’, however I very quickly became a SwitchBlaze convert and found myself screaming in frustrated amusement as I fumbled around the iPad screen. I saw myself become addicted within minutes of playing and constantly striving to top my high score. Even my girlfriend decided to have a go, and ended up crushing my attempts and walking all over my own score (To my silent irritation). SwitchBlaze is an extremely simple yet fun little puzzle game to play, and I can imagine it would be perfect to have on ones mobile device for those long and tedious train journeys or when waiting for an appointment.

One downside to the game is the fact that visually, it is rather unexciting. It is also rather confusing to figure out how to work the controls at first due to the wordless help screen. It was only after playing through a few games when I realised that you don’t actually have to slide the pieces of the puzzle across the screen, you only have to hold them down to make them function, and due to this I felt the controls were quite sloppy and unresponsive. After I figured this out however I had absolutely no issues and found the game even more enjoyable due to the fact that I had worked out how to fully control it. I feel like a bit more interaction between developer and player is needed in regards to instruction and reward.

As I mentioned before, visually the game is extremely simple. I believe that there are some kind of score multipliers in effect whilst playing SwitchBlaze and there is also a slight flashing visual used to indicate when the timer is almost up. Now the mechanics of this game are the main points that give it that addictive fun factor, and Buzz Interactive have got the gameplay spot on in that respect. A bit more excitement on-screen would help this game to become a graphically beautiful addiction as well as just a way to get that satisfaction of smashing your high score, even if it was just a more obvious indication of what is actually happening whilst you play.

The music intensifies the high speed and tense atmosphere that SwitchBlaze brings to the player, and you really get a rush when the timer is almost up and you get a few more lines down. It’s a great little game and it wasn’t majorly easy to find flaws whilst playing. With a little bit of visual development I feel like this game could go very far and could easily be the next Candy Crush.

How easy was it for me to get WITHIN the game? Really easy! I was hooked after the first few games, and if I had an iPhone it would genuinely be a game I’d enjoy playing whilst on work breaks and travelling. I would definitely recommend this for literally anyone as it’s really easy to enjoy. If you get satisfaction from high score chasing then this game will be perfect for you.

If you guys want to play the game then you can find it here, or just search ‘SwitchBlaze’ on the IOS app store. Would be nice to see the game released on Android also, but time will tell. 🙂

Give the game a go and leave me a comment or a tweet about how you found it!

http://appstore.com/switchblaze – Link to the game

Cheers for reading, once again I really appreciate you taking the time to check this out 🙂

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If you could share the word I would be mucho appreciative!

– George



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